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From Humble Beginnings, a Life-Altering Gift

We really don't know when or where that pinball shot across the table is going to happen in our lives and change its direction. Or when. All we can do is be as open to change and possibility as we can. As a creative person, I think I have an advantage, and tend to "see" opportunities everywhere, no matter how humble their presentation may initially be.

In my last post I mentioned a bout with cancer, which left me in search of purpose, and of my "new normal". I was feeling hopeless, but playing more with my camera. Then, in June of 2010, I did some headshots for the very lovely and incredibly talented Caryn West – a brilliant actor and teacher.

At the end of the session, her very old and very arthritic dog joined us, settling comfortably at Caryn's feet. She looked at the poor old thing and then asked me if I would please take some shots with her and her best friend, as she was concerned he was not long for this world.

Of course I would! But it was quite clear that wasn’t going to get up anytime soon. Not wanting to disturb him and probably cause him even more pain, I tried taking photos of her sitting in a chair, next to him. But they felt distant, and rather sad, and certainly did not express the kind of love I felt Caryn had for him. Then I got the idea to have her lie down on the floor next to him. And that changed everything. The love in that room was physically palpable.

In that instant, with the two of them sharing such an intimate moment with me, I realized that I wanted to do more of this sort of photography. A LOT more. And because I listened to the Universe's message, I have.

What has become my “signature” niche began with this humble image.


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1 Comment

Jeb Boyd
Jeb Boyd
Sep 23, 2019

They know more love by their very existence than some people see their entire lives. Perfect capture.

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