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It's unanimous!

"In Good Company" is getting rave reviews for its originality, artistry, and unique depiction of joy, playfulness, and love between humans and their pets.

Everyone loves these Portraits of Love.

Attention all animal lovers!!!!

If you’re a pet “owner” (quotes cause we all know THEY own Us), every photo will resonate. Johanna has the amazing ability to capture the quirky personalities of both pets AND owners and the love that is shared between them. No photo is the same, because no pet or owner is the same. Every photo is unique…as unique as the love that every person has for their fur baby. The stories that accompany the photo explaining how she got the shot are funny and sweet. Don’t miss this book, IT’S A GEM!!!!

Cyclegirl, Las Vegas

Artistry that Moves Your Soul

I have been an avid admirer of Johanna Siegmann’s photography for many years. Her creativity and incredible technical skills make her a standout award winning artist. Thus, I knew this work with pets and their humans would be exceptional. Knowing her work, the bar for me was high, but this book exceeded my expectations in every way. For each fascinating and heartwarming image, she shares the story behind the image which further enhances the reader’s connection to her subjects as they relate to each other in love and trust!

Every page is delightful, and when I finished the book cover to cover, I wanted more. I hope there will be a Volume 2 at some point! I wish I could give this book 10 stars!

Sandy Powers

Exploring the Bond

What's especially captivating about this book is how truthful it is to the very real (but hard to capture) bond between humans and their companion animals. Every page of the book satisfies in its own way, and all of the encounters seem natural and unforced. As a photographer myself, I can't help but marvel at how well Johanna has succeeded at capturing these always-elusive moments of joy.

Robert Ward

Anyone with a pet will appreciate this book!

There are plenty of animal portrait books, and those of people with pets. What makes this one stand out is photographer Johanna Siegmann's ability to capture the deeply personal and unique relationship between pet and human. Regardless of the setting, the love between human and animal is apparent. Sometimes funny, always loving, anyone with a pet will appreciate this book.

The Heart of Pet Owners Is Found Here!

An amazing narrative of the characterization pet owners share heart and soul with their pets. These stories are clearly presented and leave the viewer thinking of the connection with their own pet. The pages of this book are pure and well spoken. A must read, everyone who sits near my coffee table has picked up this book with a big smile a they rear the brief story or the pictures.


We Certainly are In Good Company

Johanna can "read the room" and turn her vision into reality, capturing the unique interaction between a Human and their Pet and, at the right moment, presenting it in the pages of In Good Company so we can all experience the joy and unique relationships. You will love this book if you love animals or are a Pet Parent. Brava.

Robert Grenader

The feel-good book of the year!

In Good Company is for anyone who has a fur baby, or knows someone who has a fur baby, or is thinking of getting a fur baby or has lost a fur baby... in other words this is a book for everyone! There is not one portrait that doesn't put a smile on my face. I love the diversity of the people and the diversity of their pets. With each portrait, I think "oh, this is the best" until I turn the page and find another 'best'. What I also love is that the portraits don't feel like portraits. Johanna Siegmann's camera is so unintrusive you feel as though you had just walked into the room and caught the owner and pet in a private moment.

Juliette Friedgen

A book for everyone

This amazing collection of slice-of-life images, created with breathtaking honesty and care, brings us glimpses of the love between people and their animals. The beauty and humor in these ordinary but important moments will brighten your day. This is a book for everyone, regardless of interest (or lack of interest) in “notable” people. It is also a book for anyone interested in photographing people, because Johanna kindly includes brief explanations of how she went about making many of the images in this project.

My advice is to buy this book without hesitation, enjoy it, and get extra copies to give as gifts.

Bob Wheeler

Delightful, Engaging, Beautiful

I purchased this book as a gift for a dog-lover, and found myself torn between gifting it and keeping it for myself.
The photography is sublime, but the narrative providing personal insights was the magic touch, allowing us to become familiar with all those involved (even those who we were introduced to for the first time).

Anna Wojcik

Great book for all those who love animals

t's not easy to photograph animals (and for that matter, people too) but Johanna Siegmann has managed to capture the essence of not just animal and human, but their interaction as well. Each photograph is a complete story of friendship, love, companionship, and all the other wonders that animals bring to our lives. Highly recommended for anyone who has an animal companion, or who just loves to see others with theirs.

Anna Graham

Feel Good book

A book for the ages, something for anyone, anytime, anywhere. There is a feeling good quality to all these photos, different and personable, you cannot but smile as you pick it up and pick a random page to look at. Every home should host this book today.

Anette M. Pelletier

A remarkable photo anthology of the sublime and whimsical relationship between people and pets

When Johanna Siegmann (the author/artist and a dear friend) first told me about this project - not being a pet owner, my rection was "Well, that's nice." Then she shared a few of the shots she planned to use and I said "Whoa, that's better than nice...that's captivating!' This is so much more than a book of photos about famous people and their pets. It is a remarkable creative compilation of visual stories about deep realtionships that just happen to be between humans and animals. It's the type of artbook you can look at dozens of times and find somethng new and interesting. Plus the camera work - especially the lighting - is exquisite. I also love that the "notables" in this book behave in decidedly ordinary ways. This one's a keeper - even for non-pet folks!

Patrick Foarde

Pets in their Element!

Beautiful, intelligent, whimsical photos illustrate how pets complete their owners (and viceversa)! And familiarity with many of the notable personalities in the book makes the portraits even more enjoyable. :)


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