Johanna Siegmann Photography


I am a complete sucker for abandoned places, so when the opportunity to shoot at the abandoned Linda Vista Hospital came about, I was helpless to resist. This is a very popular location for movies, commercials, and music videos. For a while it was studied for paranormal activity. For us small fry, it is prohibitively expensive to rent, unless a large group of photographers chip in together to spend the day shooting our hearts out. This was my first time […]

“steven spielberg”

Doing these lookalike sessions has been a real blast. Sometimes the lookalike only looks like the celebrity at certain angles. And other times, well, you think you’re meeting the actual celebrity. Such was the case with Howie, who told me a couple of stories about his encounters with the REAL Steven. The first was years ago, when he went into a restaurant run by Spielberg’s mom. Apparently, she came running towards him to hug him, and only stopped about 3 […]

My shoot with norman lear

Norman Lear  is a collector of my mother’s sculptures, and I have known him for over a decade, although we had never met. One day a couple of weeks ago my mom called me to ask if I could arrange to go to Norman’s house to take a photo of one of her sculptures for a book on her that is being published. I emailed his secretary who set up the appointment, and added “Norman wants to meet you”. I was […]

10/5 – Darlington-Gembrook (aka The Last Leg)

The car is mostly quiet on the drive home. I do not know the thoughts of the others, but I’m just absorbing as much as I can in these last few hours. It is no longer about the Outback, or even small towns. The transformation from wild to civilized is complete. We are in the thick of beautiful, agricultural land, and as much as I’d like to resent its newness, it’s order, it is undeniably beautiful. The canola fields have […]

10/4 – Bourke-Darlington Point – Part 2

No pictures for this post. This one’s about feelings, thoughts, reflection… Our last night on the road, and as it is when all good things come to an end, I’m in a reflective mood. So much to absorb, digest, reminisce… As we turn south and close the gap between civilization and the Outback, I marvel and how far we’ve traveled, and how much we have seen of this giant country/continent. Much of it is empty and dusty; there is far […]

10/4 – Bourke-Darlington Point – Part 1

Today’s post is all about lizards! And colors! And flowers!! We leave Bourke and it’s tiny cabin and frog-infested bathrooms behind. There is MUCH less road kill (yaaaaay!) as we head for Cobar, where we hope to tour the open-pit gold mine. We pass several goannas (remember Fred?) and frill-necked lizards, who hissed at us as we drive by. Our first stop is at the Great Cobar Heritage Center, NOT the Outback… where we learn that the pit we want to […]

10/3 – Charleville-Bourke

Packing up and loading the car this morning, I see a pair of fancy “choocks” strutting about the yard, and on my next trip back out with bags, notice two little kids – one of them holding the big, fluffy, white choock. I dropped everything, ran to get my camera, and asked them to strike a pose. The boy handed his sister the white hen while he ran off to try and get the spotted one. Then it was back […]

10/2 – Longreach-Charleville

We awake to a pair of brolgas – gorgeous, giant storks – strutting outside our cabin. We were cautioned at check-in yesterday that if we encounter them, we are not to feed them. It is a warning that clearly not many people heed, as this couple is obviously trolling for handouts. Receiving none from any of the people watching them (several occupants in adjoining cabins are also out with their cameras), they saunter away, slowly, forlornly pecking at the ground. […]

10/1 – Mt. Isa-Longreach

It hit me like a hammer this morning: only 7 days left to this great adventure! A sadness has taken residence in a small corner of my heart. Now that we are in Queensland, many familiar faces have returned, including sheep, goats, and EMUS! And the normally flat and featureless landscape has developed some rock features as we near Winton, where we will stop for lunch. I suddenly realize, with horror, that I have somehow, mysteriously, changed my camera settings […]

9/30 – Barkly Homestread-Mt. Isa

We awake to lovely, puffy clouds; I can’t help but photograph them. The boys are at reception taking care of the bills; I take advantage of the few moments I have to myself to play with my camera. One of the many things you deal with in a car full of individuals is temperature – as in “I’m too hot”, “it’s too cold”… Well, actually, Grace is the only one who says that last bit. Sweetie is usually sitting next […]