“Being photographed by Johanna Siegman is a joy and a privilege, the resultant photo  a treasure. ” Norman Lear, producer


“The photographic session I had with Johanna was filled with laughter and ease and some amazing ideas. The lighting was unique, the wardrobe she inspired…everything was effortless. Being an actress for forty years, I so appreciated her professionalism and creativity. To top it off, three of the pictures have been used in magazine spreads I did for publicity!”  Dee Wallace, celebrity/healer


“LOVED working with photographer Johanna Siegmann. Wow. Her stuff is off the charts.” Lu Parker, KTLA news anchor


“Shooting with Johanna Siegmann was nothing short of perfect. This is one photographer that is moving to the top of the industry fast. ..I love her and her work. I am lucky to have been a subject of hers early on in her very hopeful career. You will NOT be sorry by using her eye to capture your needs.” Mel Gorham/Retired Actress


“Just finished the most epic photo shoot with top LA Pet Photographer, Johanna Siegmann and…WOW!!! You will never see a more brilliant and amazing portrait of Man and His (Pet)Serpent!! Johanna is, in a word…a master! From her initial prep questions all the way to this finished piece, she orchestrated it perfectly! Wesley John, Actor


“Johanna is a wonderful photographer. She really knows how to use lighting and color to capture great images. She is very easy to work with, and puts you at ease. She captured some great shots “on the set”, and also spontaneously  in other settings. I was extremely happy with my photo shoot, and I will definitely hire her again!” Kenwood Anderson, musician


“Johanna Siegmann is one of the most professional, creative, amazing photographers I have ever met.  Her use of light, her understanding of the camera and photoshop and her ability to get the most amazing images in a short amount of time place her in that group of rare visualists who absolutely “get it.” I would say she is our very own ‘Annie Leibovitz’.  As a professional photographer myself, she taught me something new and I always appreciate that!”  Susan M. Ottalini, photographer/business owner


“I was very impressed how organized [Johanna] was and the desire she provided in paying attention to detail. I felt she went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every shot would show me as my celebrity in such perfection. I applaud her for the work she does and the care she takes in making sure that I felt comfortable and allowed me to be the best I can be. KUDOS for the work and care you provide to each of your clients.” Carol Woodle, Oprah lookalike


“I always dreaded having my picture taken.  Johanna knew what to say to motivate me, to “be with a camera” for the first time in my life.  It is a matter of self-confidence, focus, and fun.  She produced all three during our sessions. Johanna let me play.  She taught me I could look directly into a lens, give it my soul, and not despise everything it gave back.  I asked Johanna specifically, to limit the editing of our images.  I did not want sanitized photographs to set up unreal expectations- a disconnect- between the Peggy in the pictures, and the Peggy in the room.  Her work with the lens, before any modifications, is a true testament to her talent.” Peggy Rubel, author


“I had the pleasure of working with Johanna when she came to my house to shoot me and my cat for her “Peeps with Pets” series. She brought all of the necessary equipment, of course, but even more importantly she came with a smile on her face and a lot of patience … a requisite when you’re working with animals, especially cats! The experience was great and the resulting photos were wonderful.” Beth Rosengard, digital artist


“Johanna personifies creativity.  This unique vision–coupled with her tireless search for props, locations, and models, as well as her ongoing improvement of her craft–qualifies her for the category of Fine Art Photography.  Largely because of the qualities mentioned earlier, but also because of Johanna’s skill in working with models, getting the results she seeks while being open to serendipity, she creates intriguing new realities.” Mary Gilman, artist


“Johanna Siegmann is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever seen.  Our session was professional and fun, and Johanna is extremely easy to work with.  The finished product was some of the best photography I’ve ever experienced.  Johanna is truly an amazing artist, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing her services.” Dale Clark, Johnny Depp lookalike 


“I’ve done three shoots with Johanna. She is not only a lot of fun, she is very creative likes collaborating. It made me feel like my ideas meant something. And the results were incredible.” Cheyenne Phillips, model/spokesperson


“Johanna Siegmann was a joy to work with.  Her work is such an inspiration for me and I was flattered and honored to work with such a talented photographer.  She knew exactly what she wanted and this made our shoot easy and effortless and the results were amazing!!!” Tracy Braime,  personal business coach


“Johanna is professional photographer in all aspects.  She is easy to work with, brings all equipment,and has a tremendous artsy eye.  I recommend her for any photo project.  You will not be disappointed.” Howie Slater, Steven Spielberg lookalike