retouching services

Headshots are a very unique type of image: they have to be flattering yet realistic, look natural and yet stand out, and show your personality. This is very hard to do! Often, photographers will resort to tricks like odd angles and crops, “artsy” colors, “interesting” backgrounds, etc., making them more of a “glamour” shot than a headshot. And rather than deal with hair and makeup, or meticulous retouching (both of which add cost),  many  “reduce” blemishes and lines by overexposing; this simply results in a washed out, lifeless, featureless image.  Most casting directors just want headshots that look like the person who will walk in the door.  


Many of these (and other) problems can usually be corrected through retouching; however, the original photographer may not be available, or willing or able, to perform these corrections. It is often easier, and usually much cheaper, to have the images corrected through retouching by someone like me.


Though it is always best to get it right during the shoot, retouching is an affordable option when reshooting is not possible.   These before-and-after examples demonstrate a wide variety of common problems I have corrected through digital retouching*.





Prices start at $75 per image. Please contact me to discuss your photography and retouching needs.  Bulk rates may apply for any assignment of three or more images. Be aware that depending on the level of correction required, it may be more economy feasible for you to reshoot. I will let you know if that would be the case.


*For the best results, the provided image should ideally be in RAW format, or of the highest resolution possible.