buffer zone

Americas Regional winner of the 2014 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year contest. The winners were selected from 11,500 entries from 79 countries – making it one of the largest photography competitions in the world.

broadway trade center – exterior
Commercial Exchange – exterior
via rodeo
NASA creative office exterior
NASA FSC Center aerial at Edwards AFB
cleveland chiropractic
1130 2nd street
1060 broadway
Reserve Lofts – exterior
Reserve Lofts – vacant retail space
crystal cathedral
crystal cathedral
crystal cathedral – welcome center
crystal cathedral
crystal cathedral
gucci rooftop
gucci exterior
park-plaza hotel
park plaza hotel
broadway trade center escalator
618 spring facade detail
618 spring – ballroom with fireplace
1130 2nd Street upstairs showroom – “improvement” edit
1130 2nd Street
2520 6th Street – white room
2520 6th Street – vacant space
secret door
taco bell